Conference Hotel Yuvraj Palace

PANCHAYAT - Conference Room

We make everyone feel more than welcome with impeccable facilities, including executive boardrooms and conference rooms designed especially for small groups. Our team will ensure every detail goes the way you want, so you can focus on making great happen.

With its state-of-the art facilities and equipment our Conference Room caters to the needs of every business traveller with its silent ambience and an adjoining meeting room. it is an ideal setup for private meetings as well as for special functions.

Panchayat (Banquet Hall)
50 Covers
Rs. 10,000/-

SABHA - Board Room

The Boardroom is a perfect space for intimate gatherings and private business meetings. The Boardroom leads on the The Conservatory, a light, comfortable room perfect for tea and coffee breaks, which may be booked along with The Boardroom.

The room is suitable for up to 12 guests.

SABHA (Board Room)
Rs. 8,000/-